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Learning Chess in Denver

Coach Lior Lapid offers private and group lessons as well as small classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. There are chidren’s classes as well as adult classes offered on evenings and weekends. Group lessons are for a maximum of four students, and classes are restricted to a maximum of twelve students. Each hour-long class is devoted to chess instruction rather than playing games, but lessons are always balanced with many problem-solving challenges throughout.

While children enjoy learning and playing in our school chess clubs, these classes provide a more in-depth and productive learning experience. Our classes are ideal for students who wish to gain a competitive advantage in tournaments, or students who simply have a passion for climbing the intricate ladder of of chess strategy.

Cost depends on the number of students participating.  You may register for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly lessons. If you are interested in registering yourself or your child for a class, please contact Lior or click here to fill out a registration form listing your preferred days and times, and you will be contacted shortly.

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