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End-of-the-School-Year Chesstravaganza!

PALS K-6 Tournament, May 20th 

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PALS Chess Academy runs seasonal chess tournaments in Denver, directed by current Colorado State Champion and PALS Head Coach Lior Lapid. Our friendly and exciting K-6 chess tournaments take place at Platte River Academy (4085 Lark Sparrow St, Littleton, Co 80126) and are free for first-time participants.

The main tournament begins at 9am and will end at approximately 1:00pm, with a lunch break from 11:15am-12:15pm (send a packed lunch or pick up your child at this time).  There will be an awards ceremony from 1:15-1:30pm, and an optional “Bughouse” (team chess) event from 1:45-2:45pm at no extra charge.


  • Simultaneous Exhibition: For the first time in PALS tournament history, Head Coach and two-time CO State Champion, National Master Lior Lapid, will play a simultaneous exhibition against any interested kids and parents.  This event is optional and will take place after the main tournament (around 1:30)!
  • Trophies or medals for ALL participants!
PALS Chess Tournament Awards

Our special “Chess Queen” trophy is awarded to the girl who scores the most points overall

  • Check or Treat?:  Get ready for the return of Maria’s home-baked chess cookies in the shapes of all the chess pieces!  We’ll also provide water and lemonade.
home-baked cookies at our chess tournaments

Coach Maria wins the award for baking the most delicious and beautiful chess cookies in the world!  Exclusive for first and last tournament each semester, otherwise Pepperidge Farm Chessmen Cookies!













  • Chess Trivia Challenge with prizes
  • Challenging Chess Mazes on the giant outdoor chess set!
  • Non-elimination, everyone plays all four rounds
  • Special prizes include “Chess Queen” trophy for the girl with the top score, “David vs Goliath” trophy to top K-1 participant, “Outstanding Sportsmanship” and “Outstanding Game” medals.
  • Seating will be available for parents who wish to stay at the tournament.

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