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“I really can’t convey to you how fortunate we as an entire family feel having you as the boys’ chess coach. You are always prepared for your lessons and you almost always (not that we expect this now) go over the allotted time to finish the lesson. This is EXACTLY what we had been searching for in a coach and it is so wonderful to have finally found it! The fact that you have so obviously given actual and significant thought to what the boys should be working on to achieve their goals is so refreshing. I don’t know if any other parents have told you what an outstanding job you do but if they haven’t, they should have their heads examined. My guess is they don’t know how good they have it because they have only had you as their child’s chess coach.

On top of all I have pointed out so far, you LISTEN to my kids and they have never been LISTENED to before. You are a genuinely nice person and always encourage a collaborative process. You have hired my oldest son to assist you with some of your classes and paid him a very fair wage to do so, knowing that he was getting the benefit of observing you and learning from you at the same time. Both boys have LOVED every lesson with you….seriously, they are beaming after the lessons and feel like they have LEARNED from your lessons, every single time. I will stop now, knowing I could go on and on. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being really good at what you do (and I know that that involves a lot of WORK on your part). I don’t know how far my boys will go in chess but I can assure you that they will ALWAYS remember their time with you as their coach and will look back at this time in their lives as one of the most significant periods of excitement and growth in chess that they ever experienced.

Thank you SO much for caring about what you do and doing it so well!”

Kevin McConnell

father of K-8 Colorado State Champion and Co-Champion Sullivan and Griffin McConnell