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Play Chess

Playing chess incorporates humor, storytelling and fun interactive, game-based learning fostering Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking.



Game-based learning incorporates humor, storytelling and fun interactive, experiences.


Build personal, social, intellectual and academic growth, especially in math and English.


Higher-order thinking through puzzles that develop knowledge, comprehension and evaluation skills.

Play Chess with P.A.L.S.

The mission of PALS Chess Academy is to make chess learning fun so that children develop an affinity for the “Royal Game,” a wonderful intellectual hobby they will never outgrow.

If students have fun, they will learn more.  Chess learning in our classes is never dull; our lessons are full of humor, stories, and hands-on learning activities.

Lior draws on his theater background to develop lively and humorous lessons filled with entertaining anecdotes, child friendly metaphors and engaging stories.