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PALS Scholastic Chess Clubs:  2018 Fall Session


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PALS Chess Academy offers year-round chess instruction to children in the Greater Denver Area. Our scholastic chess clubs typically last for one hour before or after-school.  We equally divide time between group lessons and supervised playing. Over the course of a semester, children learn the most important checkmating patterns, opening fundamentals, middlegame strategy and tactics, and basic endgame techniques, while building skillsets that can be applied far beyond the chess board.

The PALS chess curriculum, developed by former scholastic National Champion and two-time Colorado State Chess Champion Lior Lapid, focuses on enhancing character, self-esteem, sportsmanship, teamwork, critical-thinking skills, and best of all, it’s tons of fun.

PALS students receive their certificates after a fun semster of learning chess

Our students receive their certificates after an exciting semester of school chess club

Our students work in teams on fun and creative challenges, like chess puzzles and “chessercises” etc., to hone their skills. To ensure an effective and comfortable learning environment, our teaching style incorporates motivational and engaging storytelling, funny chess anecdotes, and interactive chess lessons. At the end of the semester we will run an award ceremony, and every student will receive a certificate of learning.

In addition, our chess program emphasizes other relevant skills like: leadership, mathematical and verbal skills. If you have any questions, or want to start a scholastic chess club at your child’s school, please feel free to e-mail Lior Lapid at, or submit a message here at any time.

Has your child ever participated in a scholastic chess tournament?  Our monthly “Chesstravaganza” events provide a fun and friendly environment for K-6 newcomers and experienced players alike, with participants coming from Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs.  Click here to find more details and online registration for our next tournament.

Testimonial of Riker Johnson, one of the first PALS Students (now a CO School of Mines student):

“It wasn’t until I met Lior that I fully understood what it meant to improve and challenge my game. I’ll never forget the awe and confusion I felt when I tried to keep up with him during the very first game we played. Lior was able to explain not only his own strategies but also the mistakes I was making throughout the game. His ability to cater to different skill levels is unmatched; I went to a camp with my 7-year-old sister and other players across various spectrums of ability and was able to get just as much from it as they did because of how personalized he makes his lesson plans. On top of this, his warm demeanor and patience highlights how he cares about more than just your chess skills, but about you as a person. After the camp, I felt humbled but also inspired to continue to enjoy and pursue chess as a lifelong hobby. I can’t recommend Lior enough and owe it to him for renewing my passion for the game.”