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Online lessons for the 2018-19 school year will be scheduled soon! 

National Master and two-time Colorado State Chess Champion Lior Lapid offers high-quality, affordable, and fun live chess lessons via Zoom, allowing students to interact with Lior via live video while learning together on a shared virtual chess board. The first lesson is always FREE, with no obligation to continue, to ensure that students adapt well to the online format.  Online lessons are often even better than in-person lessons for a variety of reasons:

Advantages of online lessons:

  • High quality lessons that are highly affordable, with rates starting at just $12.50 per hour for four prepaid lessons. Each lesson lasts one hour.
  • Instructional teaching positions are pre-loaded, so it is faster to move seamlessly from one position to another (and back) with a simple mouseclick rather then setting up the pieces each time. Resetting to the starting position also takes no more than a second. Over the course of many lessons a significant amount of time is saved for teaching rather than setup.
  • Positions and audio files are recorded and available via e-mail, allowing students (and parents!) to replay and relearn the material at their own pace. In this way it’s easy to rewind and fast-forward lessons as needed.
  • Online chess boards have options to quickly highlight key pieces, squares and diagonals to emphasize the most important ideas.
  • It is easy to set up and display multiple boards simultaneously, giving students the option to solve many “Chessersizes” at their own pace. With in-person group lessons, by contrast, it takes longer as all students need to understand a given position before any student can move on to the next one.
  • Students learn chess notation more quickly, since each move is automatically recorded in the notation pane. Taking notation is a requirement in many tournaments and it is the only way to save one’s own games for future analysis and improvement.
  • Online classes are organized by skill level, so students will learn alongside peers with a similar level of strength and experience
  • It doesn’t take long to get used to the online graphical interface, a useful skill in itself since many similar chess diagrams appear in chess books, homework exercises, etc.
  • No commute time — lessons from the comfort of your own home!  All that’s needed is a computer and webcam.
  • Students will meet new chess buddies around their level whom they can arrange to train with in person or online.
  • Games and instructive ideas can be easily saved into a computer chess database for future use.