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PALS lessons focus on enhancing character, self-esteem, sportsmanship, teamwork, and critical-thinking skills.
Best of all, our chess clubs are tons of fun!

Over the course of a semester, children learn the most important checkmating patterns, opening fundamentals, middlegame strategy and tactics, and basic endgame techniques, while building skillsets that can be applied far beyond the chess board.

To ensure an effective and comfortable learning environment, our teaching style incorporates motivational and engaging storytelling, funny chess anecdotes, and interactive chess lessons.

Looking for PALS’ Homeschool-specific clubs and camps? Learn more about this new offering here.

If your school doesn’t offer a PALS Chess Club, don’t fret. You can SUGGEST A SCHOOL through our form and we will connect with the school directly.


  • Our scholastic chess clubs typically last for one hour before or after-school
  • We equally divide time between group lessons and supervised playing
  • Our students work in teams on fun and creative challenges like our very own chessercizes!


Our lessons are engaging, enlightening and highly entertaining for kids. PALS coaches excel in making chess fun while teaching valuable critical-thinking and life skills throughout each lesson. Students will learn to calculate options and evaluate their consequences, reinforcing planning skills, growing from mistakes, overcoming obstacles, and practicing visualization techniques to think a few steps ahead.

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