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“Simply stated, PALS is, without a doubt, the BEST chess teacher and coach I have ever met. As a teacher myself, with a masters degree in education and 25+ years experience teaching, I recognize talent and exceptionality when I see it. After having the pleasure of watching PALS teach a variety of students, in classroom settings, summer camps, and individualized lessons, I can honestly say PALS is terrific! PALS has created a specialized curriculum, unique to PALS, that scaffolds a wide variety of chess ideas within each lesson. Unlike most chess lessons which are dull and boring, PALS lessons are thoughtful and captivating.

Watching PALS teach chess is like listening to Mozart compose at the piano. PALS imagination and creativity are limitless. PALS weaves the depth of its chess knowledge together with its innate love of chess to create extraordinary lessons. PALS enthusiasm for teaching, along with its ability to entertain whilst conveying difficult ideas is exhilarating. PALS teaching style is magical; taking a basic chess concept and turning it into an exciting tale, breathing life and energy into the motionless plastic pieces. I have seen their students on the edge of their seats, hanging on their every word, excitedly throwing their hands up in the air and jumping out of their chairs trying to answer his challenging questions. I must, however, warn you, their love of chess is contagious.

PALS understands that each child is a unique learner. PALS is engaged with all of their students making sure each of them grow in their chess knowledge and ability. I have no doubt PALS will be tremendously beneficial to the growth of chess in Colorado in the years to come. I feel quite lucky to have them as my coach.”

Ann Davies