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My son joined PALS chess team in first grade and was soon thereafter diagnosed with dyslexia, which served to undermine his confidence on multiple levels – in the classroom and beyond. As a chess team member, however, he not only had fun while participating on the team and in tournaments, but he also received a massive boost of self-worth through his success at the board. I have come to understand that while he was playing chess, my son was exercising the portion of the brain that works to understand big picture, if-then scenarios. During a recent cognitive evaluation, my son was diagnosed among the 92% of highest thinkers in Fluid Reasoning. The psychologist explained to me that chess has a lot to do with this aspect of his success. Without PALS passing on their enthusiasm for the game, we would likely be looking at a very different academic outcome, but I am thankful to share that my son was recently accepted into a private high school with rigorous academic requirements. Thank you, PALS, for your dedication to your students, to the game of chess and for the long-term positive impact you have had on my son and my family. Ever grateful, Christina

Christina Morley