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“It wasn’t until I came to PALS that I fully understood what it meant to improve and challenge my game. I’ll never forget the awe and confusion I felt when I tried to keep up with PALS during the very first game we played. PALS was able to explain not only their own strategies but also the mistakes I was making throughout the game. Their ability to cater to different skill levels is unmatched; I went to a camp with my 7-year-old sister and other players across various spectrums of ability and was able to get just as much from it as they did because of how personalized PALS makes their lesson plans. On top of this, PALS warm demeanor and patience highlights how they cares about more than just your chess skills, but about you as a person. After the camp, I felt humbled but also inspired to continue to enjoy and pursue chess as a lifelong hobby. I can’t recommend PALS enough and owe it to them for renewing my passion for the game.”

Riker Johnson